Acoustic Panel Collection

Used in classrooms, children room, music rooms, theatres, multipurpose halls, sports hall, corporate offices and also living hall, Novaboard’s features of non-irritant, odor free, excellent color fastness, no bubling, crack or distortion and fading is the choice of many projects that needs a safe acoustic and decorative finishing to wall and ceiling. Its Thermal Conductivity [W/(m.K)] of 0.039 and Thermal Resistance [(m2.k)/W] of 0.254 based 9.8 thickness will also help in reducing energy for your warm heater or air conditioning system indoor.

In addition, Novaboard can achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.8 and also passes EO Class Standard for 0 Formadehyde Emission. As for Fire Retardant Standard, Novaboard passes both ASTM E84 and EN 3501-1.